Central Plains

Brooklyn Indie Rock band

Who is Central Plains: An imaginative Indie rock band from Brooklyn led by Swedish/American singer/songwriter Nik Westman. Westman draws influences from a range of various, eccentric, songwriter bands like The Cure, Modest Mouse, The Shins, and The Doors. The songs are mostly written by Nik, by the window in the kitchen, with acoustic guitar and coffee in hand. The subtle details, all the icing so to speak, like guitar solos, keys, background vocals, song arrangements, textural elements and drums are hashed out by the band when a song is completed. 


Central Plains live shows have been described as having a chill, yet  energetic sound, sometimes rocking out in a psychedelic, groovy way, at other times easing into an alternative country vibe when a slide guitar solo appears. The band, founded in 2007, are Nik Westman, singer/songwriter, Paul Orbell on guitar, Sean Wiggins on lead guitar, Chris Weaber on bass, and Ryan O'Toole on drums and keyboard. 


Central Plains will release their third album, Commuter, in April 2018